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Guangzhou glory garment is a modern large-scale enterprise Chinese well-known

To “ MOUMOU ” original industry as the leading brand clothing, apparel business double hundred national, national top ten integrity enterprises, corporate credit ratings continued for many years won the AAA level. 

Guangzhou glory was founded in 1994, in the clothing industry forefront field. Thirty years on, has built Shenzhen, Jiujiang two major industrial park, &ldquo &rdquo has become Chinese; MOUMOU; famous brand, Chinese ten big famous brand China occupation occupation installed, install leading enterprises, "occupation loading inspection rules" industry standard drafting unit.

MOUMOU, but also in the domestic first proposed the “ Business &rdquo Suit business clothing; clothing concept. Focus on the traditional technology and the trend of fashion exquisite taste, the organic combination of modern business attire and the concept, design and production in line with modern style of the modern business dress. This is also the Progen inherits classic suit, modern business “ ” brand personality.

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